Feyisetan Falana, the president of YAAPD, is a junior in Morse College. She is double majoring in Political Science and African Studies. Feyi is Nigerian-American⎼⎼born and raised in New York to Nigerian immigrant parents. In addition to YAAPD, she is involved with the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association, Yale Steppin’ Out, Yale Chi Alpha and No Closed Doors. Feyi is extremely passionate about social justice issues on the African continent and within the United States. She hopes to have a law career that focuses on fighting for the rights of all people, especially youth, through policy reform across Nigeria and the United States.



Naasey is a junior from Tema, Ghana, studying Economics and Mathematics major. Prior to serving as vice president, she served as secretary, and then Speaker Relations Director for YAAPD. Naasey is also involved in the Women in Economics club at Yale and has written articles for various on-campus publications. She has also worked as a student worker, instructor and mentor for the Yale Young African Scholars program. She loves to eat (fufu is her favourite) and binge watch random YouTube videos for fun. 



Jaccaranda Woldemariam was born and raised in Ethiopia until she immigrated to the US at 8 years old. Her interest in joining YAAPD stems from experiencing and observing the necessity for sustainable aid and development in her home country, in addition to realizing that this issue permeates throughout the African continent and needs to be addressed generally, but specifically by the Diaspora. Jackie’s main interest in enacting these types of changes lies in increasing women's education and empowering start up businesses on the continent.
On campus, Jackie is part of Matriculate, which is an organization that helps high achieving low income high school students "matriculate" into high-graduation rate institutions, the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association, and Dzana (Yale's African dance group). She also works as a House Manager for the AfAm House and volunteers at IRIS as a Dwight Hall Urban Fellow.



Ornella Bayigamba is a junior in Pauli Murray College. She is majoring in Chemical Engineering and has developed a focus in Renewable Energy infrastructure and policy through the Energy Studies Program. She is originally from Kigali, Rwanda but recently moved to Washington, D.C. with her family. Her main activity on Yale's campus is the Yale International Relations Association; she has the pleasure of being their Vice President on top of taking part in their international conferences and their New Haven teaching group. This is her first year working on YAAPD and she is excited to promote conversations on the African identity, youth and women empowerment, partnerships for sustainable development, and many more key topics by finding engaging speakers with such experiences. 



Wanjiku Mwangi was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. She’s a sophomore in Saybrook College and is a prospective Environmental Engineering and African Studies double major. She is passionate about revolutionizing waste management through social entrepreneurship in lower middle income countries as well as increasing international cohesion among African countries. She is also the Social Chair for the Yale African Students Association and is currently involved with the Yale Student Technology Collaborative, Christian Union and Danceworks.



Francesca Nyakora is a first year in Ezra Stiles college. She serves as the YAAPD Publicity Coordinator, a role that she chose to take up because she values the dialogue inherent in publicity work and she looks forward to raising awareness about African issues, highlighting African progress, and spreading the mission of YAAPD within the Yale community. Francesca is Kenyan-American and was raised both in Kenya and Pennsylvania. She is passionate about sustainable development and human rights protection on the African continent, and she plans to pursue these passions by doing a double-major in African Studies and Global Affairs. In the future, Francesca hopes to pursue a career in global public service.



Kenndey Nduati is a first-year in Silliman College. He is from Nairobi, Kenya and is interested in Computing and the Arts. He also enjoys reading and writing poetry and I love performance arts like spoken word and theatre. 




Labeebah Subair is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles College. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria but raised in Brooklyn, NY. Here at Yale, she is a Pre-med student, as well as a Psych major on the neuroscience track. Her motivation for this major lies in being able to explore psychological concepts to better understand the construct of race. Outside of her academics, she is part of Yale’s Afrobeats dance group, Dzana as well as co president of Yale’s Nigerian Students Association. During her free time, she is usually hanging out with friends, listening to Burna boy, and watching tasty cooking videos. 



Abraham Mensah is a sophomore from Ghana, in Berkeley College at Yale. He studies computer science and is currently very fascinated with the Artificial Intelligence route. For fun, he codes, sings and plays soccer.



Cyusa is the Finance Coordinator and a Rwandan first year in Silliman College. He grew up in Rwanda, the US, England and India before coming to Yale and hopes to become a lawyer. He is particularly interested in issues concerning affordable housing in Africa. Outside YAAPD, he likes to sketch, watch movies, and watch youtube videos analysing those movies.



Mohamed Shatry is a sophomore at Yale studying computer science and statistics. He is a patriotic Kenyan.  He is extremely interested in technology and believe it holds the power to transform people's lives in sub-Saharan Africa. When used right, technology can drive financial inclusion, push for social justice, and even predict and advise on agricultural patterns and practices. This is the African future that he is trying to build. 





 Phyllis Mugadza is a junior in Silliman College. She is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Phyllis was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe where she experienced a life full of delicious food with vibrant and resilient people. In addition to YAAPD, Phyllis works for Yale Undergraduate Admissions as a Tour Guide and as a Recruitment Coordinator. She is involved in entrepreneurship on campus through Yale’s TSAI City and she has conducted research through the STARS program at Yale. She is also a member of Yale Club Gymnastics and Saint Anthony Hall. Phyllis is interested in exploring the legacies and structures of colonialism on the African continent and she spends her free time auditing classes that shed light on the matter. She hopes to pursue graduate level education in the near future




Sheryl Ofwona is a first-year in Grace Hopper College. Although she was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya she spent the last few years studying in Wales, United Kingdom. She is a prospective Computer Science and African Studies double major. Outside of YAAPD, Sheryl is involved in Yale Steppin’ Out, Dzana, Danceworks and LEAD. She is deeply interested in the development of the African continent, in addition to global social justice issues. She intends to combine her intellectual interests in STEM with her passion for the upliftment of historically disadvantaged groups within and without the continent.