Lekha Tlhotlhalemaje is the President of YAAPD. She is a Junior from Johannesburg, South Africa, and is majoring in Environmental Studies, with a concentration in environmental justice and policy. She is also part of the Multidisciplinary Program in Human Rights. She is interested in human rights in Africa, with a particular focus on Southern Africa. She is also interested in land rights, women’s and LGBT rights and the legacy of colonialism. She hopes to explore intersections of different cultures, histories and institutions in the economic, social and political development of African countries.

At Yale, she also works for the Office of Sustainability in order to improve diversity and inclusivity in Yale’s approach to sustainability, and is the captain of the club field hockey team. She is really excited to learn more about issues facing various African countries, and to think constructively and collectively about ways to address these problems.



Jemimah is a junior double majoring in Economics and Global Affairs and the Vice-President of YAAPD. She was born in Nigeria, grew up in Ghana and currently lives in South Africa.  Growing up, she witnessed the political trade- offs of foreign aid in Africa and she is particularly interested in analyzing the socio- economic effects of aid in West Africa. She hopes to increase financial inclusion on the African continent, where she has experience working as a financial analyst for both Ecobank Transnational Incorporated and Juhudi Kilimo Microfinance. In New Haven, she engages with the local community as a weekly volunteer for the Hunger Heroes soup kitchen and as the House Manager of the Yale Afro- American Cultural Center. Outside of Yale she works for the United Nations Youth Assembly and is an organizer of the annual Ivy League Leadership Summit.

In her spare time, she enjoys watching basketball (#Cavs) and dancing as a member of Yale’s Afrogroove dance-group Dzana.




Tina is a junior double majoring in Economics and History. Although she has the opportunity to live and study all over the world from London to San Salvador her heart lies in her home continent of Africa, where she hopes to elevate issues of economic injustice and disparity through her passion for business consultancy and communications. Outside of school, she is on board a micro finance loan program that aids inventive young women to strategize, fund, and achieve their business goals; she founded two orphanages in Kenya and Zimbabwe where her parents are from; and works with students in rural Uganda to help them apply and fund for higher education opportunities.  At Yale, she engages herself in community service work as a member of Yale Hunger and Homeless Action Project/ Dwight Hall while also volunteering at No Closed Doors.




Feyisetan Falana is a first year at Yale in Morse College. She serves as YAAPD's Speaker Relations Coordinator.






Born to Nigerian parents but raised in Jamaica, Canada, and Texas, Osase Omoruyi is a junior in Pauli Murray College and YAAPD's Director of Publicity. At Yale, Osase studies Astrophysics and is an Edward A. Bouchet Fellow. She conducts research with Yale's Department of Astronomy and has also worked with the LIGO Collaboration group at Caltech.

As passionate as she is about the stars, Osase is passionate about education and addressing the inequality in its accessibility across racial, class, gender and national lines. As Director of Publicity for YAAPD, Osase hopes to bring light to this problem in education in addition to the myriad of other important issues also facing African countries. She also aims to promote the conference as a welcoming space for discussion, critique and brainstorming solutions.




Christelle Umubyeyi is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards and is serving as YAAPD publicity coordinator.  As a prospective chemical engineering major, Christelle is hoping to apply innovative engineering solutions to development problems in her community such as access to clean water, and renewable energy.







Marie Gaye is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College, from Senegal by way of Tennessee. Marie is an MCDB major with an interest in Global Health and healthcare policy. In addition to serving as Logistics Director of YAAPD, Marie is also a board member and ambassador with Yale Students of Salaam, and a tutor and core director for Urban Improvement Corps. She also continues to serve as director of Road to Academia, a college admissions guidance and mentoring platform that she founded, geared towards advising disadvantaged students towards top institutions. Marie plans to pursue a career in medicine and healthcare policy.






Lina Goelzer is one of the YAAPD Logistics Coordinators.  She is Moroccan-American, and grew up in Peoria, Illinois.  She is majoring in Global Affairs with a focus on International Development with a strong interest in the role of entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships in development.  Academically, she is passionate about issues related to colonialism and imperialism in Africa and the Middle East, and is fascinated by the complex relationship between North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

At Yale, Lina is also a Chaplaincy Fellow, a FOOT leader, and the Director of Content Delivery at Yale Fashion House.  She is also very involved in Muslim life at Yale. 




Fred Jr. Ebongue Makolle is a first year at Yale in Benjamin Franklin College. He serves as the Logistics Co-Coordinator. 





Ademide Ajayi is the Director of Finance of YAAPD. He grew up in Lagos and was educated in Nigeria and the United Kingdom before starting at Yale. He is a currently a third-year Applied Mathematics major in Jonathan Edwards College.

He is particularly interested in development issues pertaining to Education and Global Health and has experience working as a development consultant for Dalberg Global Development Advisors.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing rugby and basketball, as well as playing the saxophone.




Melat Lulseged is a first year at Yale in Benjamin Franklin College. She serves as the Finance Co-Coordinator. 







Claire Young is a Global Affairs Major with a concentration in Global Health. She previously lived in Bamako, Mali and currently lives in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Her studies focus on women's health and the intersections of social impact, economics and healthcare. She started a microbusiness, The Baobab Boutique, exporting Malian jewelry to fundraise for training community health workers and campaigning against excision. Last year she worked at Juhudi Kilimo, a Kenyan agriculture-based microfinance company, and the Center for Disease Control in Ouagadougou. She serves as the Co-Director of Development for YAAPD.



Fadzai Mataru is a third year student from Zimbabwe studying Mechanical Engineering, although she takes great interest in Psychology and Film and Theatre.

Despite the STEM path she has chosen, Fadzai's passion lies in issues involving women and children. She hopes that in the future she will be able to join the fight for career opportunities for women and disabled children, better sanitary conditions for women living in remote areas, education for the economically disadvantaged and better medical care for orphans of HIV.  Having grown up surrounded by these issues, she hopes to return to Zimbabwe and help in eradicating the problems that plague society. She is very excited to be Development Coordinator for this academic year.




 Naasey Kanko Arthur is a Ghanaian first year in Pauli Murray and a prospective Economics-Math and/or Global Affairs major. She is interested in issues surrounding sustainability in developing countries. She love to eat (fufu is her favorite) and binge watch random YouTube videos for fun.