When will the conference begin and where on Yale's campus are events located?

The Yale Conference for African Peace & Development begins on Friday, April 5th in the afternoon, and will continue all day, evening, and night on Saturday, April 6th. The events will be held on the Yale University Campus - everything will be within walking distance. You may find more detailed times and locations in the schedule


Where can we sleep during the conference?

If you request housing through your ticket purchase, you will stay in Yale dorms and will be hosted by students. If you opt to find your own housing, there are many affordable hotels close to campus.


What type of apparel should I bring?

You should bring business casual clothes for Friday and Saturday conference activities. Semi-formal attire for the closing keynote is advised (we will have a photographer, so make sure you look snazzy!) and a change of clothes for the afterparty is also an option.


What type of weather should I expect?

Connecticut weather in April can go either way. The weather may be sunny and warm, but I would pack an umbrella and jacket just in case.


What should I bring with me?

If you are planning on staying with Yale hosts, please bring a sleeping bag and blankets. Not all dorms have couches or beds you can crash on, so plan ahead! Bring toiletries, a reusable water bottle (reduce your carbon footprint!), and your resume for the career fair. Extra $$$ for the African night Market might also come in handy. An umbrella and light jacket may come in handy. Don’t forget your energy, vision, and enthusiasm for the conference too! 


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