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Descriptions of the different board positions are described below:

I. President

The President shall be primarily responsible for the overall direction of the group and achieving the group’s objectives. He/She shall preside over board meetings and be responsible for dealing with administrative functions as well mediating between board members when need be. The President shall be the main contact and spokesperson for the organization. He/She shall also be responsible for forming affiliations with other groups as specified by the constitution. He/She shall further more be chiefly responsible for establishing relations with the leadership of Yale College and Yale University. He/She shall also be responsible for alumni-related correspondence. The President must be present for both terms of the academic year.

II. Vice President

The Vice President shall supervise, control, plan and execute the annual Conference.  They shall assist the President in his or her duties and assume them in the event that he/she is unable to serve. The Vice President must therefore be familiar with the various board positions in order to facilitate any tasks that need to be completed prior to and during the Conference. The Vice President must be present for both terms of the academic year.

III. Director of Finances

The Director of Finances will oversee and keep accurate records of the financial affairs of the organization. This Director is responsible for keeping the bank account active.  He/she is required to create and maintain an accurate budget, an expense log, and manage cash flows. In addition, the Financial Director is responsible for procuring all Yale funds, including but not limited to the President’s and Dean’s Office, Academic Departments, Residential College Masters and Deans, and Dwight Hall. The Director is also responsible for creating, maintaining, and securing non-Yale corporate sponsorship for the conference.  The Director of Finances is required to submit a written financial report monthly, and he/she will report at the first meeting of the month. He/she shall compile an end-of-semester report to be shown to the group.  The Director of Finances must be present for both terms of the academic year.

IV. Director of Logistics

The Director of Logistics shall be responsible for organizing the logistical details of each event during the conference. In addition to the general conference, he/she will also be primarily responsible for organizing the Cultural Show for the Conference and recruiting acts. He/she will present chosen acts to the board for final decisions.

The Director of Logistics  shall be responsible for garnering and maintaining contacts with potential conference participants. In addition, the Director of Logistics will oversee the provision of housing. The Director of Logistics must be present for both terms of the academic year.

V. Director of Development

The Director of Development, will be responsible for ensuring that YAAPD achieves Article III, Sub-clause ii of the constitution. The Director will also work closely with the Director of Operations and will assume the Director of Operation’s role in the event that he/she is unable to serve. This position comes into effect following Spring elections of 2012.

VI. Director of Publicity

The Director of Publicity will be responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient media coverage and advertisement for YAAPD events. The Director of Publicity will be responsible for ensuring the creation and maintenance of YAAPD’s website.  Responsibilities include developing logo, posters, tickets and their subsequent distribution. The Director of Publicity shall be in charge of the design of all related conference material such as the booklet, name tags, banners, etc. Final decisions on all material designed and produced lies with the board.

VII. Director of Speaker Relations & Logistics

The Director of Speaker Relations & Logistics will be responsible for securing all speakers for the Conference and make all necessary travel and housing arrangements for visiting speakers. Speakers include not only those recruited to deliver the Keynote speeches, but panelists as well.

VIII. Secretary

The Secretary shall record minutes for meetings and shall aid the President in administrative functions. He/She shall distribute meeting minutes in a timely fashion. He/She shall also maintain and update the group’s panlist. Additionally, all emails to YAAPD members through the panlist should be sent only from the secretary. The Secretary is responsible for compiling, maintaining, and updating all records pertaining to the conference.  The Secretary shall also be responsible for the maintenance and collection of archival materials.

IX. Coordinators

Coordinators will be members that work under specific Directors helping them to achieve their particular objectives and tasks. A coordinator will be expected to remain in their roles for the duration of the year and will lose membership rights should they fail to do so