Sexuality, Gender, and Society in Africa

Our first panel seeks to address womanhood, masculinity, sexuality, LGBTQ+ representation and equality in society. While many African nations are even more advanced than Western nations in terms of equality and rights for LGBTQ+ people, we still have a long way to go in terms of gender equality and sexual freedom in our societies. How can we balance cultural values and the need for Africa to keep up with shifting values in global society?


Healthcare and Technology

Our second panel is focused on Healthcare and Technology on the continent. In addition to addressing the healthcare and medical issues facing Africa, this panel will also focus on reversing Brain Drain in Africa. How can we ensure that talented healthcare specialists, engineers, and physicians collaborate and develop innovative ways of addressing healthcare crises facing our continent? How will technology play a role in developing more effective and efficient systems on the continent? How can we ensure our education systems meet the rapidly-changing demands of globalism?  


Different Mediums of Activism

The third panel will address Different Mediums of Activism to inspire change in Africa. This panel will explore different mediums of activism: television, art, social media, disruption as activism, and more. Is activism and radical action the most effective way on causing change? How can activists and other groups collaborate to ensure our governments and elected officials are held accountable? We will hear from activists and nonactivists and together engage in discourse over the most effective ways to inspire change.


Future of Economic Growth

Finally, our fourth panel will address the Future of Economic Growth in Africa.  This panel will address the economic state of affairs across the continent, unemployment levels, job creation, entrepreneurship, foreign investments, and more. What is our role in contributing to the Economic landscape in Africa?