The Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development (YAAPD) seeks to ignite a passion for conflict resolution, peace, and development in Africa and the African diaspora. Primarily through The Yale Conference for African Peace and Development, YAAPD aims to explore the intersections between various institutions, nations and cultures. With an interdisciplinary approach, the organization hopes to engage people in issues relating to the continent, and encourage them to do work relating to Africa.

As a resident group of the Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale, YAAPD aims to complement Yale’s liberal arts curriculum with a holistic approach to learning about development, peace, and conflict resolution. YAAPD will bring together a community of scholars, professionals and activists who are integral in the pursuit of systematic advancement and development. YAAPD seeks to:

  • Learn from people doing work on the continent, and consider constructive ways that various institutions, nations and people can work together in order to confront various difficulties facing African people in innovative and meaningful ways.
  • Develop networks among students and professionals across a spectrum of fields and interests with the aim of promoting peace and development in Africa and the African diaspora.